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Welcome to the NEX-Impact Blog!

Welcome to the NEX-Impact Blog! This is the first of many blogs that will be shared with you. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this one and other blogs in the future.

The reason we decided to launch a blog is the same as why NEX-Impact was borne. That is, during the past several years, our President and CEO (that would be me) learned that the knowledge and skills set we take for granted is often viewed as “gold” to many others. This is particularly true as it relates to the charitable sector (we only use the term “charitable” for the purposes of this introductory blog. Soon, you’ll learn about why we think “charitable” is an outdated term).

Simply put, we started NEX-Impact to share our “insider’s knowledge” of the business side of nonprofit work with nonprofit leaders, executives, individual social investors, for-profit companies, and post-secondary institutions. We especially target the institutions and individuals who are often left outside of the mainstream nonprofit/philanthropic space. Often times, the ones left are people of color and/or are serving communities with a high concentration of traditionally underserved, people of color. We consider ourselves to be the “Robin Hoods” of the consulting world, meaning we “borrow” from the “information rich” and share with the “information poor.”

We’ll share posts every two weeks and will cover all things “nonprofit” … expressed in clear, practical terms. We seek to not only help our clients, but the broader “charitable” (there’s that word again!) sector in general. We hope you’ll find this blog to be educational, thought provoking, and engaging.