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When people inquire about our services, I'd say at least half the time I get asked this question: "So your company can help us get money?" My answer every time is: "Yes ... but are you willing to do the work to give investors a reason to give it to you?"

Based on more than 20 years of experience in the business of nonprofits, I can absolutely say that NO consulting group can guarantee outcomes based solely on their efforts. A great consulting group will help its client research, develop, and strategically think through various courses of action. The action (otherwise known as "implementation") component is almost always the responsibility of the client. 

NEX-Impact is very clear ... our services are intended to increase the competitive positioning of our clients. Specifically, this means we guarantee that after working with us, your organization, company or your individual philanthropic capacity will be strengthened and better equipped to address the challenges that come with operating the business of your charitable efforts. It's simple: the stronger your overall operations, the better your chances at securing funding.

Investors, specifically foundations and corporations, are bombarded with requests for funding. Although it may be difficult for someone to believe that a foundation with more than $1 billion in assets and gives hundreds of millions per year could run out of money, it happens ... often. The pot isn't as big as it's generally perceived. Given limited resources, investors can’t make wise choices based simply on what “feels good.” Every nonprofit mission is noble (we’ll touch on that in a future blog). If we know that all nonprofits generally have noble missions, one has to reasonably conclude that the decision to fund has more to do with the HOW (i.e., the nonprofit’s operations) versus the WHAT (i.e., the actual services provided and/or cause supported).

If a consultant can't help your organization refine and strengthen the HOW by focusing and improving operationally, you might want to look elsewhere. Getting the money means getting your house in order first to give investors a reason to give it to you. Now, THAT'S how a great consultant can most help your organization. 

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