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Week of 1/30/17:

To Fund or Not to Fund

Besides offering capacity building and technical assistance to these organizations, NEX-Impact is also fully equipped to offer support, assistance, and guidance to those who invest in these organizations. READ MORE >>


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Week of 1/16/17:

"That's Exactly Why We Need You!"

Recently, I received a phone call from an executive director running a nonprofit organization inquiring about the possibility of enlisting our services. I asked a few pointed questions to assess the organization’s readiness for a consultant. The executive director answered my questions in a way ...   READ MORE >>

Week of 2/13/2/17:


If you’ve read our previous blogs, you know we don’t use the terms “grants.” That term, whether intentional or not, implies “free money” without any imperative to produce something in return. As most of us acknowledge, rarely is anything in life given without strings attached. READ MORE >>