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What We Know

Our Philosophy

Nonprofits are not charity, they are BUSINESSES

  • As all businesses, nonprofits can thrive when managed wisely
  • Leadership makes or breaks a business
  • "Bleeding heart" management styles don't increase efficiency or lead to sustainability
  • Nonprofits thrive on finances, not mission

Click here to see a video of NEX-Impact Principal Emeritus, Robert Lewis speaking about non-profit management with Brad Pomerance on TWC.

Many nonprofit organizations are operated based solely on the passion of hard working staff. The reality is: nonprofit organizations are businesses that need to be operated like a BUSINESS. NEX-Impact provides insight and practical knowledge that increase nonprofit leaders’ ability to operate an efficient organization with increased potential to generate positive community impact. 

NEX-Impact offers a unique insight, skills set and experiences that build intellectual and resource capital of nonprofits and help them make well informed decisions in operating their businesses. Our consulting philosophy is based not only on best practices and current trends but more importantly:

1) A practical understanding of the way in which investors think, what they seek and need while making investment decisions;

2) The practical realities and experiences of managing a nonprofit organization; and

​3) Communicating in ways that are culturally relevant for nonprofits traditionally isolated from mainstream investors. 

4) Providing unfiltered, objective, and practical options based on “insider’s knowledge” we’ve obtained over the years working in the philanthropic sector.