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Principal Consultant

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis has approximately 25 years of professional experience working in philanthropy and the nonprofit human and social services sector in various capacities.  Most recently, Robert led the California Community Foundation’s (CCF) landmark BLOOM Initiative, a five-year, $5 million initiative with the goal of re-directing Black male youth who have been involved with the L.A. County probation system toward improved employment and educational opportunities. In this role, Robert oversaw the initiative’s strategic activities, tracked progress on desired outcomes, identified and managed relationships with grantee partners, identified partnerships with other strategic partners and served as the primary liaison with key community stakeholders. Robert also managed CCF’s grantmaking focused on youth aged out of foster care, low-income older adults and adults with developmental disabilities. Before joining CCF in 2008, he was a project director for a nonprofit that led a California statewide juvenile offender re-entry program and served as a senior program manager for the Permanence and Safety – Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (PS-MAPP) training program at The Community College Foundation (TCCF). He is currently part of the exclusive training team for The Grantsmanship Center.

​Robert received a bachelor’s in sociology from Occidental College and a master’s in social work with a concentration in administration and management from Howard University. Robert is a board member for Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services, serves on the Board of Advisors for Goodwill Southern California, a program committee member for the African-American Board Leadership Institute (AABLI), a former KCET Community Advisory Board (CAB) member, and has been a member of Southern California Blacks in Philanthropy (SCBIP).  Robert brings various perspectives to his work: investor, “no box” critical thinker, service provider, concerned citizen, and someone authentically connected to the issues impacting urban America. These qualities position him as a unique and compelling voice in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, and beyond. Robert applies practical knowledge of the nonprofit investor community and insight on ways to strengthen organizational efficiency. By enlisting Robert and his firm, NEX-Impact, the result is better positioning for investment opportunities and improved overall business savvy to more effectively run your operation.