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Our Training Series bridges the information divide between the “haves” and “have nots” in the nonprofit sector. We help you learn the core elements involved in operating an efficient and productive nonprofit organization that gets the desired results.  

NEX-Impact Training Series: Nonprofit Fundamentals

Overview, Schedule and Costs

Whether you are an established nonprofit, looking to start a nonprofit, a nonprofit professional looking to build your skill set, or considering a career in the nonprofit sector, our training series is for YOU!

Why? Who?

"Robert's experience as a grantmaker, nonprofit administrator, and social activist gives him a multifaceted perspective that delivers tremendous benefit to the organizations with which he works. Viewing nonprofits as social investments, Robert guides organizations through the business-related essentials organizations must understand to effectively pursue their missions. His training style is dynamic and interactive – it delivers!"

​                                                      - Barbara Floersch, Executive Director, The Grantsmanship Center