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"We enlisted NEX-Impact to get professional guidance and expertise in creating strategic ways to build organizational capacity through long-term profitability and financial planning.  What we appreciate most about having worked with NEX-Impact was the opportunity to gain a very useful organizational capacity assessment/forecast and a resource development action plan that we can use as viable tools to assist us in scaling up.   It was particularly encouraging to work with professionals who exemplify commitment and passion for our core mission."

Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe, Founder/CEO

Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)

Who We Target

Although we work with nonprofits and investors covering a range of issues, our primary expertise lies in providing services to:  

1)  Nonprofits serving a high concentration of traditional low—income and/or underserved communities; 
2) Nonprofits with annual operating budgets of less than $5 million; ​
3) Nonprofits led by people of color; and
4) Institutions and individuals seeking to invest in such nonprofits and communities 

These nonprofit organizations often suffer from:

1) Community‐level disconnect with the language and protocols of investors;

2) A limited understanding of capacity building;

3) Historical mistrust of investors;

4) Investor knowledge gaps in understanding their impact; and

5) Overextended capacity that hinders impact.

Our network of associates has years of experience working on ‘both sides’ which gives us a competitive edge in providing substantive input that creates meaningful results for nonprofit organizations.